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What we do

Electrocon is a leading electronics supplier of various products. We work sustainably, with a focus on high quality and are happy to assist with product development and problem solving. The products are manufactured in a cost-effective way with qualitative connectors and components.

Cable assembly manufacturing

  • We provide client customized cable assembly manufacturing for any type of industry.
  • We assist clients with product planning. We will also compile drawings and produce the final product cost-effectively with our new machinery.
  • We use connectors from well-known manufacturers (such as TE, Molex, Deutsch and Delphi).
  • Both manual and fully automatic machines are used for cutting, crimping and marking. As a result, the end product is of high quality.
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Service and repairs

  • We provide troubleshooting services on electrical controls including both off-site and on-site problems with existing products. We also work with electricity problems on e.g. forestry equipment, excavators and tractors.
  • We repair generators.
  • We work with well-known control systems such as Omron, Siemens, Beijer and Crouzet.
  • We also assist with the procurement of spare parts.
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Printed circuit board manufacturing

  • We plan, draw and manufacture circuit boards according to the customer’s needs.
  • We manufacture smaller series of PCB assemblies.
  • As a customer, you only need to have an idea of what the electronics should be able to do. After that we can plan and manufacture the circuit board according to your needs.
  • We keep the customer’s drawings for recurring needs.
  • We troubleshoot, repair and make changes to existing PCBs if needed.
  • We work closely with other industry experts for consultations in planning and programming.
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