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Electrocon Kristinestad Oy Ab

Electrocon Kristinestad

Electrocon is a family-owned business located in Kristiinankaupunki, Finland that specializes in producing customized cable assemblies. We can provide our customers with everything from complete cable harness systems to smaller series of PCB assemblies including prototypes and larger series according to the customer's needs. We also perform troubleshooting and service of electrical components on process machines for industrial use. We work closely with our customers to develop customized and cost-effective solutions that meet the customer’s needs. We support customers at all stages!

We have extensive knowledge and the experience needed to successfully help you. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Cable assembly manufacturing

  • Client customized cable assembly manufacturing.
  • We assist clients with product planning. We will also compile drawings and produce the final product.
  • Both manual and fully automatic machines are used for cutting, crimping and marking.
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Service and repairs

  • We provide troubleshooting services on electrical controls including both off-site and on-site problems with existing products.
  • We also work with electricity problems and we repair generators.
  • We also assist with the procurement of spare parts.
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Printed circuit board manufacturing

  • We plan, draw and manufacture circuit boards according to the customer’s needs. We work closely with other industry experts for consultations in planning and programming.
  • As a customer, you only need to have an idea of what the electronics should be able to do. After that we can plan and manufacture the circuit board according to your needs.
  • We troubleshoot, repair and make changes to existing PCBs if needed.
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